What Is Quartz Watch

//What Is Quartz Watch

What Is Quartz Watch

Quartz watch can be divided into digital electronic quartz watch, pointer quartz watch, automatic quartz watch and Ecology-Drive watch.
1.digital electronic quartz watch
Digital electronic quartz watch is the combination quartz crystal piezoelectric effect and diode-type liquid crystal display, its function completely by the electronic components to complete.
2.pointer quartz watch
Pointer quartz watch energy come from the silver oxide button batteries, silver oxide button batteries to provide a specific voltage to the integrated circuit, through which the oscillation circuit and quartz resonator to start the quartz oscillator, the formation of oscillation circuit source. The formation of alternating changes in the two-way pulse signal, which drives the stepper motor for intermittent rotation! To further drive the transmission wheel, so that the needle to accurately display the time.
3. automatic quartz watch
Set automatic mechanical watch and quartz watch in one. Automatic quartz watch does not need the battery, the wearer can choose manual winding, or choose to automatically charge. It is the principle of operation is the use of arm dancing to promote the watch inside the swing to produce energy to promote the internal micro-motor into energy, so as to provide sufficient power for the quartz device inside the watch, and the extra power will be stored in a miniature capacitor for backup.
4. Ecology-Drive Watch
Ecology-drive watch is a watch that is built into a system that converts energy into electricity. Because of the use of batteries that do not need to be discarded, it can save a limited amount of earth resources, reduce pollution, so it is the real environmental protection product.
Ecology-drive watch can absorb any visible light source and convert it into kinetic energy to drive the watch. It do not use ordinary batteries for avoiding the pollution caused by waste batteries on the environment, but also it do not need to replace the battery regularly for bringing convenience to the wearer.
The energy-saving function of the ecology-drive watch ensures that watches are in a sufficiently electric state, depending on the type of movement, which can run in darkness for several months to 10 years.

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